16 Sq/Ft Mortar Reinforcement Kit

$44.00 CAD
16 Sq/Ft Mortar Reinforcement Kit for use over plywood sub floor to prevent evaporation of mortar into the plywood. Includes Synthetic Lath and Tar Paper

This kit includes 16 Sq/Ft of Synthetic Lath as well as 16 Sq/Ft of tar paper.


This is recommended to be used when putting mortar on a wooden sub floor in order to reduce cracking of your mortar bed from moisture being drawn into the wooden sub floor and assisting the mortar bed in drying faster than it should.



  • Lay the tar paper on the floor
  • Lay lath flat on shower floor on top of the tar paper
  • cut around drain flange and set the pre-pitch in place using screws provided
  • fasten through holes pre-pitch forcing both the tar paper and lath flat to the floor.
  • Fill the floor with mortar forcing the mortar into the lath and smooth off the top of the pre-pitch



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