About Dix Systems


Dix Systems Inc. is an innovative company, responding to the needs of the construction industry through the procurement of new products and the creation of cost efficient and innovative materials.


Solving problems by introducing new products to the marketplace is our business, and working in conjunction with the construction industry to operate more efficiently and effectively in the 21st century is our ultimate goal.  Our products undergo extensive research, development and market research procedures to ensure an effective and efficient products.

When we at Dix Systems Inc. developed the OneLiner, we asked ourselves a simple question; why is the ceramic tile shower a leak problem? The answer is "folds and seams".

By eliminating folds and seams you eliminate leaky showers. So we created a durable structured pan that we call the OneLiner. The walls and base are structured - no folds, no seams, all in one pan and the bottom is dense enough to stand up to possible punctures. By adding pre-slopes and re-enforcement slope sticks, we were able to keep all the quality features, such as the traditional mortar bed and the flexibility for the 3-part drain placement; you choose the placement of your drain, we don't dictate the location. We also added the curb waterproofing and mortar to create an easy curb system to ensure that nails or screws would not be required, thus eliminating the possibility of puncturing the inside of the OneLiner.

Dix Systems Inc. President, Steve J. Dix, has over 35 years experience in the construction industry. He is a past member of several construction associations including the Tile, Terazzo, and Marble Association of Alberta. Mr. Dix has had extensive experience in working with new home builders, renovators, institutional and commercial contractors, tile dealer, retail customers and designers. He has also consulted on several projects in the ceramic tile industry in both Canada and the United States. Being familiar with both the construction industry/ marketplace and present and future trends, Mr. Dix has provided Dix Systems Inc. the necessary tools for ongoing success and customer satisfaction.

Research and Development is an ongoing process within Dix Systems Inc. Please check our website periodically for changes and new product information and availability. If there is anything you feel we overlooked please let us know.


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