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Second Floor Laundry Shower Pan LinerTuesday, February 18, 2014
There are other things you can do with a shower pan liner than just building a tile shower. You can build a proper second floor laundry system with a fully waterproofed floor.
Pre-Fabricated Liners VS. PVC LinersTuesday, October 8, 2013
See here the advantages of using the pre-Fabricated OneLiner instead of the PVC liner.
Ebbe Square DrainsMonday, September 30, 2013
4" Square Drains - buy for a unique look or to match your plumbing fixtures
Quick Pitch System BenefitsThursday, July 25, 2013
Whether you have heard of the Quick-Pitch or not hear of the Quick-Pitch, it should be in every shower - find out why!
CurbSill ThresholdsMonday, July 15, 2013
Use Shower CurbSill Thresholds with Kirb-Perfect to create a beautiful finished look!
Curb your shower with Kirb-PerfectFriday, July 12, 2013
Here's how to build your curb easily with Kirb-Perfect Kp-543
Pre-pitch system benefitsFriday, July 12, 2013
Why use the Pre-pitch system to create a pre-slope for your shower? This explains why!
ACO Quartz Plus Linear DrainsFriday, July 12, 2013
One of the best in linear drains!
CertainTeed MembraneThursday, July 11, 2013
Recommended behind wall waterproofing! An important step in your tile shower installation
Tile-Ready Shower BenchThursday, July 11, 2013
A feature and photos about our Tile-Ready foam benches.
OneLiner – Structured shower linerWednesday, June 19, 2013
The One and Only Structured Shower Pan Liner
Drywall In a ShowerWednesday, June 19, 2013
This post explains why NOT to ever use drywall inside of your shower walls.
Piece of MindThursday, May 17, 2012
It is well established that shower leaks are one of the most common, and costly, problems that a homeowner may face. In the past, one would tackle a ceramic tile shower installation by going to the hardware store to purchase a 40 mm sheet...
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