Bituthene Shower Curb Seal

$9.89 CAD
42" L x 9" W Bituthene Curb Seal for waterproofing your tile shower curb

Bituthene Curb Seal - OneLiner/PVC Shower Pan Liner

Bituthene Curb Seal is used to wrap around the 3 stacked 2" x 4" wood pieces and inside of OneLiner to waterproof the curb.


The bituthene shower pan liner curb waterproofing is sold in 9" wide x 42" long pieces. This size is enough for 1 - 30" kirb-perfect and then 6" for either end of the curb where your curb framing meets your wall framing. If your curb is more than 30", additional bituthene curb seal is recommended.




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