ACO Quartz Plus Linear Shower Drains

Finally - a reasonably priced product for that "WOW, that must have been expensive" look that you have been waiting for!

ACO Q Plus Linear Drains

These grates are made of stainless steel, while the body is made of plastic. For the handicapped, or people that have trouble in mobility this is a quite useful option, as it  is ADA Approved. Of course, for those that must wheel in, you can build a wheelchair accessible shower. You have an option of building, with this drain, a regular curb, a easy access curb, or completely curb less.

ACO Quartz Plus Linear Shower DrainsWorried about how you’d be able to install this on your own?  Dix Systems provides do-it-yourselfers all the information you would need in very easy to understand written instructions.

Building Tip:   You can easily install this drain with the pre-pitch sticks for your pre-slope underneath your shower liner.

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Jory Gibeault
2016-11-10 09:03:07

The Quartz Plus linear shower channel solutions inspire creative bathroom planning. They allow the use or elimination of physical barriers within the bathroom floor and can be incorporated into a wide range of designs.
Gratings can be replaced or LED lights added at a later date to generate a totally new look.
Standard solutions we have a choice of seven grating designs, two material finishes in five standard lengths and two edge details provide the solution to most bathrooms.
Custom solutions we have the ability to customize the channel length, outlet position, outlet quantity, material finish to enable special design considerations to be met.
The range of grating designs complements personal design preferences and can enhance the appearance of the room. Grates are also easily replaced for a new look.
For more information or assistance in choosing the right drain give us a call or email. or 1-888-450-0112