Curb Waterproofing Kit

$42.29 CAD
Make sure your curb is watertight!

Curb Waterproofing Kit


  • 2 PVC Dam Corner
  • 1- X-15 Bonding Adhesive for corners
  • 1- Bituthene Curb Seal (45")
  • The Bituthene Curb Seal acts as a waterproofing for over the 3 stacked 2x4's. It is a good alternertative to felt paper. When wrapping the PVC liner over your curb, there becomes 2 small slits at the corners of your curb. The Dam Coners seal over these holes with the X-15 Bonding Adhesive and make sure you have a watertight curb which is then ready for  a Kirb Perfect Kit on top.

*Not to be used with OneLiner

If your curb is longer than 45" you can order more Bituthene Curb Seal to accommodate this.

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