Durock Waterproofing Kits

Click on video below to watch installation or click here to view PDF document.

The Durock Shower System is unique from our other Dix Systems shower systems, as it does not require a mortar bed. Available in 32" x 60" with either a center drain or an off set drain, as well as square 48" x 48", and a 72" x 72" (both with center drains only). These square sizes can be cut down to slightly smaller squares, for example if your shower was 38" x 38" square with a center drain, you would purchase the 48" x 48" and cut it evenly all around the edges to fit your shower size. All kits are sold with everything you should require for a basic shower installation - see individual purchase pages to see what is included in each kit. Anything further required can be purchased through the drop down menus on the purchase page.

Note: The Durock Shower System parts are not interchangeable with other products on our site, such as the drains, the curb or the liner system itself. 

Click here to view our custom size pricing if your preferred shower pan size does not show below.

Check out our TileWare products that can be installed without drilling through all of your waterproofing membrane that you just put up. We have availablehooksbaskets,grab bars,shelves and foot props.



offers strong, lightweight, waterproof and vapor-retardant tile base for wet areas
$65.00 CAD
Durock Shower Kit 32" x 60" with off Set Drain
$585.00 CAD
Durock Shower Kit 32" x 60" with Center Drain
$585.00 CAD
Durock Shower Kit 48" x 48" with Center Drain
$550.00 CAD
Durock 72" x 72" Center Drain Foam Shower Pan
$210.00 CAD
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