$26.22 CAD
The Handi-Kirb™ Shower Curb is a stay-in-place plastic form for roll-in, wheelchair accessible shower curb where recessing the compartment floor is not possible or practical.



Handi-Kirb has molded in dovetail connecting lugs to accommodate any size shower opening and can be used with either a liquid or sheet pan liner membrane. This lower profile along with a tiled shower floor, meets the ADA requirements for a shower curb. Handi-Kirb can be used in its complete profile to give an untiled height of 2-3/8". It can also be cut in two places along its length to give a low profile untiled height of 3/4".

Handi-Kirb is easily cut with a hacksaw, PVC cutters or angle grinder. Can be used on concrete sub floors using 1-1/2" Tapcon® screws or wood sub floors using 1" wood screws (Screws not included). Supplied with installation instructions. Handi-Kirb is 8" wide x 30" long and 2-3/8" high.


Can be installed two different ways:



Split the Handi-Kirb on the perforation to make a flat curb
 Keep the full Handi-Kirb for a higher and wider curb



     Installation Video with Roll On Membrane (Handi-Kirb installation is the

same with OneLiner and PVC liners


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