Prefabricated Shower Pan Liner Kit

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Custom Prefabricated Shower Pan


The OneLiner is a structured shower pan liner for the use in any traditional mortar bed tiled shower floor installation. 


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Because the OneLiner is a structured seamless *Pre-Formed shower pan liner there are no folds or seams. Every OneLiner is water tested at our manufacturing plant, eliminating concerns about leaky shower pan installation. Every OneLiner is manufactured with 7" structured walls eliminating the need for any backing between the studs. Every OneLiner Shower Pan can be used with our OneLiner Kits or on its own with lath as a mortar reinforcement. Please also be advised that any of our OneLiners can vary within 1/8".


The OneLiner's unique design made of durable polyethylene plastic can withstand the worst construction conditions making punctures and tears non-existent.

When installing, it is recommended that you do a thin pre-pitch on the subfloor underneath any liner, and have a thicker mortar bed in the liner for the tile to sit on. The pre-pitch will guarantee that any water coming through grout joints into the mortar bed and liner will still find it's way to the drain. This helps to eliminate any standing water which can cause mold and mildew issues in the shower. When installing against 3 stacked 2x4s for the curb, wrap with Bituthene Curb Seal to guarantee a leakproof curb.

*Unlike other Pre-Formed shower pan liners that have a fixed drain location, the OneLiner Shower Pan Liner is made with a unique translucent material that allows you to determine the location of the drain and/or use your existing drain and drain location.


*Drain location and curb are created onsite which give you the versatility to place them wherever you choose.


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