Quick Pitch Shower Pan Simplifies Floor Construction

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As a quality designer and manufacturer of shower bases, liners and Quick Pitch showers for both residential and commercial projects, Dix Systems offers the most innovative solution to common mildew, water leakage and poor drainage issues.

Order your Quick Pitch Standard Kit as a standalone project to prepare for tiling or order a complete Dix Systems OneLiner shower pan kit that includes the pre-pitch, liner and Quick Pitch system.

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A Simplified Quick Pitch Shower System

Now you can eliminate the risk of error in measurement or your need for a level.

Quick Pitch Extender KitOur Quick pitch “goof proof” shower floors offer pre-made shower slope float sticks that allow for total drainage and eliminate the possibility of human error during shower pan installation.

Achieving the optimum slope of ¼ inch to a 12 inch run, these tapered float sticks fit to the flooring and snap into the center ring. When installed with your shower liner the Quick Pitch standard kit will:

  • Aid as reinforcement to the mortar bed.
  • Compensate for thickness of tiles around the drain riser
  • Allow for removal of drain riser at any time to clear blockage

For irregular shaped shower designs or for when your drain is not centered order the Quick Pitch Extender Kit.

Benefits of Installing a Quick Pitch

Dix Systems has taken shower installation to the next level with its innovative easy-to-install Quick Pitch technology.

Many companies have tried to imitate our Shower Pan Liner Quick Pitch design but none have come close. The superior benefits of our Quick Pitch Shower Kit include:

  • Cost Savings – any home owner or DIYer can install the shower kit system in just a couple of hours
  • Health and Cleanliness – eliminates mildew problems caused by stagnant water
  • Quick Pitch Shower Slope – full water control with a perfectly sloped tile floor
  • Customized Drain Position – utilize existing plumbing to save time and money
Quick-Pitch Kit

A Shower Floor Kit for Everyone

The quick pitch shower pan kit is designed to be installed by all levels of novice DIY as well as seasoned professionals!

First time installers can get the proper minimum drainage slope when preparing to tile and eliminate the risk of water drainage issues.
Professional contractors and tradesmen can save hours on shower installation.
The Quick Pitch Standard Slope Kits for tile shower floor includes:

  • 6 tapered float sticks
  • Quick Pitch system 4” Center Ring

You can also order additional standard single sticks individually as well; a Quick Pitch Extended kit for shower areas with walls more than 36” from the floor drain and Extra Quick-Pitch Float Sticks for curved showers or showers with more than four walls.

Watch the Installation Video

Still not sure you can install the Quick Pitch system on your own?

Preview the Quick Pitch Shower System being installed with our Quick Pitch shower pan installation video and and see for yourself that it really is as easy as we say! In less than ten minutes you will learn how to quick pitch a shower floor kit and have the confidence to accomplish your own shower floor installation project.

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Our no-hassle return policy and prompt same day shipping service in addition to our innovative product features make us your best choice for buying Quick Pitch shower floor drainage kits. Backed by a solid 25 year guarantee and professional customer service that is next to none, you will find yourself extremely satisfied with our product for years to come.

Learn more about our shower pan liner installation kits.

For more information about the Quick Pitch shower pan and how these slope kits for tile shower floor can help simplify your shower floor construction, contact Dix Systems:

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