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SNAP-IN round shower drain grates by Dix Systems are universal shower drain grates, which means they have no screws, so they are easy to install and remove to and from any standard low profile 4” round shower drain.


Choose below from either an ABS or PVC basic 3-part shower drain with a screwed in stainless steel grate or choose one of eight SNAP-IN color choices with an option of adding the ABS or PVC drain assembly.

Dix Systems recommends adhering to all building codes and plumbing codes when remodelling or for new construction. If you need help or have any questions about shower drains, please contact our drain experts.

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Round Shower Drain Grates

Why not put a beautiful finish to your walk-in shower floor with a round shower drain grate that features one of our many designer finishes. Stainless steel round shower drain grates are our most popular product but you can also buy round drain grates in a wide variety of designer colors including polished brass, biscuit, antique or rubbed bronze, satin or brushed nickel, and satin chrome or white.

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Dix Systems offers do-it-yourselfers, builders, and developers the latest, most effective and most efficient shower drain products backed by over four decades of home construction experience.

Ask us about our other shower drain products like all-purpose drain glue and transition cement or square and linear shower drains. For help choosing round shower drain products please Contact us anytime or:

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Or email our shower drain experts.

Select From Below - Choose a regular ABS or PVC round shower drain with a stainless steel grate or choose a colored shower drain grate and add the drain for just $31.00 more.

Standard 3 Part ABS Drain with stainless steel grate
$31.00 CAD
Standard 3 Part PVC Drain with stainless steel grate
$31.00 CAD
Round Grate - Antique Bronze
$27.69 CAD
Round Grate - Rubbed Bronze
$27.69 CAD
Round Grate - Biscuit
$27.69 CAD
Round Grate - Brushed Nickel
$27.69 CAD
Round Grate - Satin Nickel
$27.69 CAD
Round Grate - Satin Chrome
$27.69 CAD
Round Grate - White
$27.69 CAD
To bond ABS to ABS or PVC to PVC Comes in 118mL containers
$5.12 CAD
To bond ABS to PVC Comes in 118mL containers
$6.17 CAD
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