Built In Soap & Shampoo Shower Basket Caddy

Dix Systems’ built in soap and shampoo shower basket caddies can solve any issues about what to do with your "stuff" in the shower.  

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 TileWare Shower Basket - Polished Chrome
TileWare Shower Basket - Brushed Nickel
TileWare Shower Basket - Oil Rubbed Bronze



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Small Soap Basket (Left), Regular Shampoo Basket (Top Right), Extra Deep Rectangular Shampoo Basket (Bottom Right)
Deep Corner Basket (Top Left), Combination Basket (Right), Extra Deep Corner Basket (Bottom Left)
Shallow Corner Basket (Top), Extra Deep Corner Basket (Bottom)


TileWare Promessa Shower Basket

Why leave your grooming supplies sitting on the floor or on your shower bench where they can get knocked down or kicked over?

A built in shampoo shower caddy will help cut the clutter and enhance your bathroom renovation.

Our shower accessories baskets are durable and are beautifully designed shower caddies for organizing all of your soaps, shampoos and general shower care products!

At Dix Systems we believe that your shower caddy should be just as beautiful and timeless as your shower.

All of our designer shower accessory baskets by TileWare Products™ are built right into your shower construction and last as long as your shower does, unlike most box store shampoo shower caddies that need to be replaced every couple years.

Sturdy Shower Caddy Installation

A shower caddy by Dix Systems does not rely on a flimsy hook or sticky tape to adhere to wet tile.

The unique shower basket caddy PermaTile™ support bracket is actually fastened behind your tile during shower installation and not behind the wall board. This means there is no risk of ever damaging your waterproofing, wall board or tile.

The actual basket is then installed upon tile completion. This also means the detachable shower basket component can be removed and cleaned properly.

Shower Accessories Basket Selection

Dix System’s selection of shower caddies offers complete organizing solutions for all tiled showers and baths.

Choose from:

Small soap shower caddy
Combination soap shampoo shower basket
Shallow corner shower basket
Deep or Extra Deep corner shower basket
Rectangular shampoo shower caddy
Deep or Extra Deep rectangular baskets

Mix and match for ultimate functionality and organization in your own shower!

Why Choose Baskets Made Out Of Plumber’s Brass?

Dix System’s TileWare™ shower caddies stand out from the rest because of their plumber’s grade brass construction.

Durable with a strong finish you’ll never have to deal with rust or cracks. Plumber’s brass is also more durable, versatile and resilient to damage than other materials.

1. Durable Design

Brass is a highly durable material that retains its new-condition look for decades. It will not crack or disintegrate.

2. Versatile Finishes

Brass has an edge over other metal fittings because is has more decorative finish options that enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom. Choose from polished chrome, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze.

3. Resilient to Damage

As a metal, brass has one of the highest resistances to damage. With nickel, bronze or chrome finished brass shower caddies you’ll have the peace of mind that your product won’t rust.

All of our shower caddy baskets work with any tile motif and pattern to combine function, style and inventive fastener technology and they all come with a 5-year warranty.

Buy Shower Caddies at Dix Systems

After tripping over bottles, bars of soap in the shower or dealing with box store shower caddy designs that rust and fall off your wall from the weight of soap, you’ll be delighted with Dix Systems TileWare™ shower caddies. Our shower baskets will stand up to anything your shower puts it through and will stay just as sharp as the day you installed it.

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