Round, Square & Linear Shower Drains

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To complement the OneLiner, our no-leak, one piece shower pan liner, Dix Systems also offers a great selection of shower drains with designer shower drain covers for round shower drains, square shower drains, as well as linear shower drains. Whether its new construction or you are remodeling, be sure to follow all building and plumbing codes and if you have a shower drain question please contact us. Call Toll Free 1.888.450.0112 

Round Shower Drains

These universal, snap-in, round shower drains are easy-to-install and available with stainless steel grates or as color drain grates. You can order either the standard 3-part ABS or the 3-part PVC round shower drains with drain grates in antique bronze, rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, satin nickel, polished brass, satin chrome or white. We also carry all-purpose drain glue and transition cement.

Square Shower Drains

These Ebbe square shower drains work well with new shower installations and are ideal for tile showers, making it simpler and easier to cut tiles for quicker installation. Square shower drains are available in standard 3-part black ABS or the 3-part white PVC with a square drain riser and square drain cover plate. You can order square shower drain plates in chrome, brass, nickel, bronze, copper or pewter. Dix Systems also carries QuArtz locking (or non-locking) 6-inch square shower drain grates by ACO ShowerPoint that comes with a universal connection. Choose from 10 different shower drain grate designs to put the finishing touch on your walk-in shower floor!

Linear Shower Drains

Dix Systems carries two types of linear shower drains:

  • The ADA compliant QuArtz Plus is designed only for applications with a shower liner system under the shower pan. This drain carries an ABS drain system and a stainless steel grate, comes in 2 size options (34.9 inches and 46.7 inches) and 2 design options (square holes and wavy). The benefit of Quartz Plus is the look of a linear drain without the cost.
  • The Electro-Polished linear shower drain system is designed for surface membrane installations or mortar bed with waterproofing underneath, this drain is made entirely of the electro-polished stainless, comes in 7 designs and 6 different size options.

Get Help with Shower Drains

Dix Systems has nearly four decades of experience in home construction providing builders, developers and do-it-yourselfers with the latest effective and efficient construction products, from thresholds and odor control to shower pan liners and shower drains.

For more information about our Dix Systems’ shower drain products please Contact us or;

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Each shower drain type is available in multiple designer styles:


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