Shower Pan Liners


Our OneLiner shower pan is a seamless, pre-formed polyethylene plastic alternative to the PVC liner. It is superior to the PVC liner because it does not puncture or tear, and the drain can be placed anywhere. All of our OneLiner shower pans are subjected to waterproof testing at our manufacturing plant, eliminating the need to worry about a leaky shower pan.

Every OneLiner is manufactured with 7" structured walls eliminating the need for any backing between the studs. Every OneLiner Shower Pan can be used with our OneLiner Kits or on its own with lath as a mortar reinforcement.

The OneLiner - Prefabricated shower pan liner is recommended for a simple and efficient installation




 Prefabricated Shower Pan Liner - On Sale
 PVC Shower Pan Liner
  Roll On Shower Pan Liner
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