Ebbe Surface Bond Drain Kit


The Ebbe Surface Bond Drain Kit is created to be used with fleece mat surface membranes. The kit comes complete with the drain body (flange and drain attachment), the square drain riser, beads to fill in around riser to create a weeping system, a clamp collar (which holds surface membrane in place while applying thin set mortar to sub floor) and 2 empty bottles; one for paint thinner and one for ABS drain glue - please see instruction PDF for details.The square riser comes with a blue sealant over the construction plate, which ensures that the ABS glue does not glue the construction plate down. This can easily be pealed off once the installation is complete and you are ready to remove the construction plate. This drain is available in ABS or PVC.

Note: This drain does not come with a grate, please ensure that a grate is chosen at the time of placing your order.

Note: It is NOT recommended to be used with any roll on type of surface membrane without the fibre glass drain cover.


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Ebbe Surface Bond Drain with PVC Drain connection
$58.74 CAD
Ebbe Surface Bond Drain with ABS Drain connection
$58.74 CAD
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